Training Course: Successful Management of Fast Track Projects

PC9411 24 - 28 Dec 2023 Cost : 1750 € Euro
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The best way to fast track your career as a manager is to fast track the contribution you and your team make to your organization and for your team to be successful in as public a way as possible. That’s what the Fast Track series is about. The Fast Track manager delivers against performance expectations, is personally highly effective and efficient, develops the full potential of his team, is recognized as a key opinion leader in the business, and ultimately progresses up the organization ahead of his peers.

Course Objectives of Successful Management of Fast Track Projects

In this program you will learn about:

We often have projects that offer a Special Commercial Opportunity if we could take our Idea to Completed Project as Fast as Possible
Today their need arises for reasons including:

  • Faster Exploitation of Business Opportunities,
  • Urgent Projects,
  • Urgent Maintenance work after an Accident,
  • Urgent Major Procurement,
  • Faster Product to Market,
  • Projects where Technology Changes are Very Rapid,
  • Customer Demanding a Fast Track Project,
  • Shutdown Maintenance Work,
  • Works where new technology offers an opportunity to complete faster or to Meet a Current Urgent Need.
  • An Urgent Security Project

Done traditionally these projects could cause a lot of disruption, additional costs and are often no early completion is achieved. The traditional approach tries to reduce the times for each stages of the  lifecycle … Idea/Need, Feasibility, Licensor/Technology Selection, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Tendering, Construction, Testing and Commissioning and Operation. Sometimes stage overlap is tried - but in the absence of proper management systems - ends in disaster.
This program provides you an understanding of the needed Management System: Policy, Procedures, Monitoring, Coordination, Feedback and Improvement for Successfully Implementing Fast Track Projects.

Course Outlines of Successful Management of Fast Track Projects

  • Where fast track projects are appropriate in your organization?
  • The fast track project life cycles.
  • Handling Risks
  • Contractor/Supplier/Designer Selection on Fast Track projects?
  • Scope of Work definition on Fast Track Projects
  • Fast Track Enabling Technologies
  • Management Structure and Empowerment for Fast Track Projects
  • Design aspects of Fast Track Projects
  • Coordination of Fast Track Projects
  • Management of Fast Track Projects
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