Global Horizon Training Center (GHTC)

Global Horizon Training Center for Training and consulting

Differentiated Training Courses …

At Global Horizon, We Focus on innovation and renovation in vocational training to match the needs of our clients from all sectors. We also have a wide geographical spread covering most global destinations.

We Offer You ..

  • A deep understanding of your training needs.
  • A training course that simulates reality.
  • Interactive and up-to-date training courses.
  • Training Courses that cover all the functions and all managerial levels.
  • Intensive courses directed to top-level managerial positions.
  • Wide-Spreading courses that cover most of the global destinations.
  • Flexible coordination enables us to fulfil all the needs of our clients.

Our Methodology…

At Global Horizon, we aim to provide excellent training courses, thus we do not focus solely, but rather our welldesigned methodology includes numerous styles that we use alongside with the lecture, these styles include (brainstorming, practical training, role playing, simulation, case studies, interactive surveys, open-end discussions, Puzzles and Games).

Our Code of Professionalism

  • To Provide training courses with valuable content.
  • To keep following up through the client journey to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure maintaining the communication channels open with our client at all times.
  • To perceive clients as strategic partners.
  • To enhance and maintain a friendly environment, that enhances learning and sharing expertise.

Our Mission Statement

At Global Horizon we assure that our customers achieve the highest return investment, through providing interactive training courses matching the international standards, covering all the functional areas and spreading to wide geographic scope.

Our Vision…

At Global Horizon we Aim to be pioneers in the quality of the training, as we aspire to create an international benchmark in the vocational training.

Our Values :

Appreciating diversity

At Global Horizon, we value cultural diversity, as we consider it one of our most important advantages. because we understand the importance of cultural diversity in broadening horizons, and therefore, enriching the training experience.

Promoting Innovation

One of our most important features is going beyond the traditional methods and encouraging trainees to think outside the box.

We understand that innovation requires differentiating between the two ways of thinking; divergent thinking (that uses imagination) and convergent thinking (that uses logic).

We at the Global Horizon Center acknowledge the need for blending the two approaches to create an innovative environment that enhances thinking abilities rather than giving ready recipes and canned solutions.

Living by Quality

Our definition of training quality is not limited to a professional lecturer or distinguished training material, but rather encompasses all aspects of the customer's experience.

We at Global Horizon consider continuous improvement a lifestyle, and therefore we set our compass towards client satisfaction.

Keeping Ahead

While our values are constant, our training methodology is constantly changing, because we strive to develop our expertise to ensure being ahead of the new trends in the vocational training.

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