Training Course: Advanced Strategies for Project Manager

PC234580 10 - 14 Dec 2023 Cost : 1750 € Euro
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The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to perform in-depth analysis of a project during the planning and implementation phases. Participants in this interactive course will learn all the critical tools and techniques required to make decisions to optimize the successful execution of a project in a dynamic environment.

Course Objectives of Advanced Strategies for Project Manager

  • Define project management frameworks, processes, and tools in compliance with the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards
  • Apply different techniques that will assist in the project selection process
  • Construct project diagrams, schedules, and plans and use different techniques to perform an in-depth analysis of project schedules and plans
  • Identify different methods for cost estimating and project budgeting
  • Manage time and cost deviations through applying 'earned value analysis'
  • Employ risk management plans and apply risk response strategies to ensure successful implementation of the project
  • Develop program management plans in compliance with PMI standards


Course Outlines of Advanced Strategies for Project Manager


Overview of project management

    • Defining project management terminologies
    • Project management benefits
    • Triple constraints
    • Project life cycle
    • Project stakeholders
    • Effect of organizational structure

Project selection

    • Project selection models
    • Benefit-cost ratio
    • Average Rate of Return (ARR)
    • Payback period
    • Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Decision trees

Day 2:

Project planning and scheduling

    • Project charter
    • Project scope statement
    • Building work breakdown structure
    • Duration estimation
    • Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
    • Relationships between activities
    • Network diagram
    • Critical Path Method (CPM)
    • Manipulating logic
    • Resource allocation
    • Resource leveling
    • Duration acceleration

Day 3:

Project budgeting

    • Cost estimating techniques
    • Cost baseline
    • Project budget
    • Slack management
    • Compression by crashing

Day 4:

Project control

    • Variance analysis
    • Dashboards and scorecards
    • Key performance indicators
    • Earned value
    • Managing deviations

Project risk management

    • Project risk identification
    • Qualitative risk analysis
    • Quantitative risk analysis
    • Project risk response planning
    • Contingency and management reserves

Day 5:

Program management

    • Program life cycle
    • Developing program work breakdown structure
    • Developing a program schedule
    • Developing program financial plan
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