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Training Course: Talent & Succession Management Masterclass

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9 - 13 Nov 2020


Cost : 4500 €


Two quotations that will show you the value of this program:

“Good people produce 40% more than average people” (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2008)
“A good employee is 50 times better than an average employee.” Steve Jobs CEO and owner of Apple

That is the real reason for talent management and ensuring talent is attracted to your organization and that you provide the right environment, including pay structures, for talent to thrive and fully contribute to your organization. This new and exciting program will cover all the areas needed to help you set up a talent powerhouse from strategy differentiation to succession planning and all the steps necessary to make it happen. Delegates will be able to use the new (2008) talent pipeline model, and receive a copy for their use in the workplace.

If you’re still not convinced - one final quotation from Jim Collins author of “Good to Great” “People are not your most important asset. The right people are”


Delegates attending should bring with them their current organization's Vision and Mission statements.

Course Objectives of Talent & Succession Management Masterclass

  • Build the business case for talent management to be part of the company’s strategic policy
  • Understand and be able to explain the value of a differentiation strategy
  • Use two models to aid in creating the right organizational framework to enable talent to thrive
  • Be able to demonstrate pay and remuneration processes that really work to create high performance
  • Use four techniques that will turn advertising and recruitment into a magnet for talent
  • Use the “stickers, movers and leavers model” to direct organizational shape for talent
  • Know and be able to take action on the principal reason for talent leaving the organization
  • Focus training and development on running programs that make a difference
  • Apply any of the three new approaches to succession planning to improve efficiency
  • Know and be able to explain what to do with non-performers


This interactive program will use a variety of current case studies and DVD’s to explain key learning principles. There will also be group work to enable learning to take place in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Each delegate will get an A3 colored talent pipeline process map.


Course Outlines of Talent & Succession Management Masterclass

DAY 1 - The strategic decisions needed for talent management

  • Introductions and masterclass objectives
  • The business case for talent management
  • The strategic focus needed to create the environment for talent management
  • The new (2008) talent pipeline model
  • Does the current Vision and mission statement attract winners or losers? Team exercise
  • Getting the balance right - stickers, talent development, and leavers
  • The talent cycle from strategy to organizational improvement
  • Review of Day 1

DAY 2 - The key mechanisms to make talent thrive

  • Systems needed - Pay, rewards and bonus systems - Sysco case study and DVD
  • Key features that attract talent, more than money
  • The need to start at the top - a top-down approach
  • Finding internal talent pools
  • Differentiation - an essential element. The 70-20-10 principal explained
  • Structure for maximum efficiency
  • Pay and rewards for talent, average and poor performers
  • Review of Day 2

DAY 3 - What do talent powerhouses look like?

  • Leadership, not management gets the best from talent
  • DVD Johnsonville foods - by Tom Peters. Group discussion
  • What company has been voted America’s most popular place to work five years in succession? DVD and case study (and it’s not Google)
  • An examination of what Google does different - case study
  • So what about more average companies - group work and case study (Toshiba and Range Rover)
  • Review of Day 3

DAY 4 - The practice of getting, developing and benefiting from our talent management process

  • Advertising techniques to attract the best
  • Appropriate screening processes - testing - personality profiling, assessment centers, and how the traditional interview needs to change its focus. This session will be reinforced with practical examples of what to look for and the tools needed
    Techniques for talent management training and development - use of learning agreements
  • The key reason for losing talent - DVD and case studies
  • Review of Day 4

DAY 5 - Succession Planning - 3 new approaches

  • Why performance appraisal reports are not a good method for selection
  • First approach - the talent pool method - case study
  • The second approach - the individual selection approach
  • Third method - external recruitment and headhunting
  • Review of Day 5

HRM ,Training

Training Course: Talent & Succession Management Masterclass

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9 - 13 Nov 2020

Baku -

Cost: 4500 €

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