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Training Course: Supply Chain and Inventory Management

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5 - 9 Jan 2020

Geneva (Switzerland)

Cost : 4500 €


In today’s competitive environment, the best supply chain will win. The chain that offers the highest value to its customers will have the competitive advantage. This requires a broader outlook than just the borders of the company. Indeed, it requires full visibility of all the players in the supply chain.  In this programme you will study:

  • The various processes in the Supply Chain
  • The structure of a Supply Chain
  • What makes a Supply Chain successful?
  • The role of inventory in the Supply Chain


  • To define and understand the concept of a Supply Chain
  • The role of inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Critically determine the amount of spare parts required
  • Determining the optimal inventory solution for spare parts
  • Implement creative ways of reducing working capital


Participants will learn by active participation throughout the programme through the use of programme materials, exercises, questionnaires, training videos and discussion of “real life” issues in their organisations.


This programme covers essential skills that are necessary to plan, execute and control the Supply Chain. The programme begins with the concept of a Supply Chain and will discuss all the aspects relating to Supply Chain Management.


DAY 1 - The Concept of the Supply Chain

  • Historic overview of ancient supply chains
  • The concept of a Supply Chain
  • The five basic processes in a Supply Chain
  • Concept of the Value Chain
  • Performance measures in Supply Chain Management

DAY 2 - Supply Chain Planning

  • Setting up the infrastructure
    • Manufacturers
    • Warehouses
    • Transportation
    • Retailers
  • Different Supply Chain scenarios
  • Advance Planning and Optimisation
  • Inventory decisions in Supply Chain
  • Forrester effect

DAY 3 - Supply Chain Simulation

  • Day three will comprise of a Supply Chain simulation demonstrating the interaction between the different entities in the chain. Participants will get the opportunity to experience first-hand the working (or not!) of a supply chain. On completion, an analysis will be done of lessons learnt

DAY 4 - Inventory Decisions in Supply Chain

  • Analysing demand patterns
  • The effect of information on the Supply Chain
  • Inventory decisions:
    • What to stock
    • Where to stock
    • How many to stock

DAY 5 - Linking the Supply Chain Processes

  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Return/recycling


Project, Contract

Training Course: Supply Chain and Inventory Management

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5 - 9 Jan 2020

Geneva (Switzerland) -

Cost: 4500 €

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