Health, Safety & Security

Training Course: IOSH Managing Safely

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5 - 9 Jan 2020

Geneva (Switzerland)

Cost : 4500 €


Safety is not the prerogative of the safety specialist but also one of the component parts in every management discipline. An office manager is no less responsible for the safety of his team than the construction manager. The law and company policy apply equally to both. The course will not turn delegates into safety experts but it will give them the appreciation of what safety issues are about and the methods available to them to ensure that safety is implemented in their own workplaces. It is, after all, a manager’s responsibility to have a workplace free of danger and a workforce free of ill health and accidents. Managers will be able to review their own departmental systems for safety, introducing new controls, or implementing changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Implement workplace precaution hierarchies
  • Identify data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of an incident
  • Prepare and use active monitoring checklists
  • Explain the component parts of a recognized Safety Management System
  • Implement environmentally friendly systems

Course Objectives of IOSH Managing Safely

  • Understanding, assessing and controlling risks
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance
  • Protecting the environment

Course Process of IOSH Managing Safely

The course is presented with superb power point and animated graphic presentations. Quizzes, board games, and DVDs keep the delegates active and fully involved, on the ball, and never bored. It is a practical program with easy guidance and a sharp business aim. Delegates will be enthusiastic and involved and ready to go back to implement the methods learned on going back to work.

Course Benefits of IOSH Managing Safely

Participants will gain:

  • Confidence in having attended a certified course
  • Recognize the best current practices
  • Appreciation of environment issues
  • Understanding of Safety Management
  • Knowledge of risk evaluation that will better prepare them to anticipate different contingencies

Course Results of IOSH Managing Safely

The company that sends personnel to this seminar will gain in that the delegates:

  • Will acquire an internationally recognized certificate
  • Understand the basics of both safety and environment
  • Appreciate their own responsibilities within the law
  • Become better-motivated that will result in cost savings
  • Develop different approaches to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Core Competencies of IOSH Managing Safely

  • The legal basis of safety
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Active monitoring & Reactive Monitoring
  • Risk assessment and risk control
  • Environmental awareness

Course Outlines of IOSH Managing Safely

Day One

Introduction and Assessing Risks

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • The importance of managing safety
  • The manager's Responsibilities
  • The risk assessment process
  • Risk assessment

Day Two

Controlling Risks & Understanding Responsibilities

  • How to Reduce Risks
  • Hierarchy of risk control
  • Responsibilities of Managers
  • Civil Law & Criminal Law
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Mock Assessment 1

Day Three

Identifying Hazards

  • Common Hazards
  • Identifying the Hazards
  • Video
  • Physical hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Mock Assessment 2

Day Four

Investigating Incidents & accidents

  • The reasons for investigating incidents
  • How accidents occur
  • Causes & consequences
  • Investigations
  • Reports
  • Mock Assessment 3

Day Five

Measuring Performance & Environmental Protection

  • Active & Reactive Monitoring
  • Audits
  • Revision
  • Preparation of Assessment
  • Assessment
  • Briefing on Practical Assessment

Health, Safety & Security

Training Course: IOSH Managing Safely

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5 - 9 Jan 2020

Geneva (Switzerland) -

Cost: 4500 €

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