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Training Course: Data Network Administration

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7 - 4 Jun 2020

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Cost : 4800 €


To provide facilities for conducting research to its visitors and associate members and provide a forum, both national and international for scientific contacts between researchers from all over the country and abroad.

 To achieve speedy attainment of national capability in newly emerging fields of physics and technology through conducting research and development.

The Centre would seek to accomplish its mission by; In-house research and Outreach program. The IT group was started in 2003 with six IT professionals.

 Apart from other responsibilities of the group which include providing IT services to NCP users and visitors, software development, Grid node deployment, and management, this group has been involved in conducting IT training and has completed a number of training programs in collaboration with various agencies including the Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB).

Now the IT department has a number of skilled and qualified instructors having very strong technical command over a wide range of subjects. One of these areas is Networks and Communication.

Course Outlines of Data Network Administration

• Day 1: Networking Basics and Concepts

o Introduction to Networks

o OSI Reference Model

o TCP/IP Layer Model

o IP Addressing

• Day 2: Switching & Routing

o Spanning Tree Protocol

o Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

o Virtual LANs (VLANS)

o Inter VLAN Routing

o Ether Channel

o Redundancy using (HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP)

o Introduction to WLANS

o Introduction to Routers

o Static vs. Dynamic Routing

o Link State vs. Distance vector Routing




o Access Control Lists

•Day 3: Network Services

O DNS Server

o DHCP Server

o FTP Server

o Proxy Server

• Day 4: Introduction to WAN Technologies

O Network Address Translation


o Frame Relay and ATM


• Day 5: Network Management & Monitoring

O Introduction to Network Monitoring

o Monitoring Tools and Techniques


o Syslog

IT manager

Training Course: Data Network Administration

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7 - 4 Jun 2020

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - SPACES VIJZELSTRAAT


Cost: 4800 €

  About Amsterdam

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is a popular destination amongst travelers from all around the world. Once just a little fishing village, Amsterdam is now a major international city after having become an important port during the 1600s. Throughout its history, the city has had many famous residents, including artists, philosophers and other historical figures. There is much to discover along Amsterdam's quaint streets and picturesque canals. So much so that a flight to Amsterdam comes with a guarantee of cultural and historical attractions that will provide memories to last a lifetime. Amsterdam is a hotbed of culture for travelers of all ages and tastes.

  Things to do and places to visit in Amsterdam

From the moment passengers step off their flight to Amsterdam, they will find it a friendly city with a lively atmosphere. Its flat geography means that it is perfect for exploring by bicycle. If you're feeling less active, it the city is also well-served by public transport. The so-called Venice of the North has something for every visitor. Culture vultures have museums, galleries and theaters to see, Families can visit the zoo or the Science Center NEMO.

When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to:

  • See the picture-perfect and colorful houses of the Grachtengordel district.
  • See the iconic works of one of Holland's most famous artists at the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Visit the house where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis.
  • Browse through the extensive collection of fantastic art in the Rijksmusem.
  • Wander through the blaze of colors that is the Singel Flower Market.
  • See the city at a leisurely pace on a canal cruise.
  • Marvel at one of the city's many historic churches.
  • Learn about life aboard a ship at the National Maritime Museum.
  • Discover the Begijnhof's well-preserved medieval architecture.
  • See animals of all kinds, as well as the butterfly pavilion and aquarium, at the Artis Zoo.
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